The thing about bathroom renovation is that if done right, you’ll be proud of yourself every single day. However, if done incorrectly, you’ll be disappointed for a very long time – or until you get your bathroom remodeled again.  
There are so many ideas and options when it comes to giving a new look to a bathroom that it is easy to get overwhelmed. Our own lack of experiences and lack of professional opinions only increases the probability of getting things wrong. Let’s acknowledge both problems to set things straight. First, contact people who know what they are doing. Next, learn a few important things on your own:

The Do’s of remodeling your bathroom:
  • Make sure to plan before jumping into action. There are plenty of options, designs and styles you could choose for your bathroom renovation. However, remember that each detail has to compliment the other. Without a plan, the renovated bathroom will just look like something thrown together in hurry.
  • Always make it a point to hide the toilet and separate it from the vanity and sink area. The barrier could either be achieved through a glass wall, furniture or a fixture hanging from the wall.
  • Do take care of the plumbing issues first. Before designing and planning the floor work, make sure that all the line works and plumbing glitches are fixed and taken care of.
  • Do pay attention to the ventilation system. Bathroom fans and windows must be appropriately built and installed.
  • Do take care of the lighting. Bright lights or a sunroof can make the bathroom appear more spacious and open.

The Don’ts of remodeling your bathroom:
  • Unless you have been doing this for years, don’t think that you can renovate it like a DIY expert.  Hire contractors if you really want the end results to look like that page from your home magazine.
  • Don’t forget the storage space. Now that you are finally renovating, think of a sensible storage space for every item.
  • Don’t forget the users. A kid’s bathroom must have a kid friendly layout and colors. The same goes for the guests and master bathroom. A spa is fit to be installed in the master bathroom whereas guests should be accommodated with extra shelves and extra cupboards.
  • Don’t ruin the theme. If a room is all about a retro look and bright colors, make sure to incorporate the same into the bathroom. Similarly, if a room encourages natural colors and plants, then the attached bath should reflect the same tone.
  • Don’t try to save money on the important stuff. For instance, materials for flooring or pipeline must be used in accordance with their quality rather than their cost. Saving money now could mean spending double the amount in the future.
Now that you know a little something about remodeling your bathroom, expect great results and a bathroom to be proud of.


11/07/2017 12:42pm

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11/27/2017 8:41pm

Lighting is an important thing for me. If I am going to have my bathroom renovation, I will make sure that everything will goo according to how I planned. Though I also have my personal choice about the design, I will definitely ask for na assistance from the experts. They know what's best and the ways on how it can be better, so I will put my trust on them!

11/08/2017 2:58am

Bath room need of our house and mostly peoples make it according to the place of house. But rich peoples spend the much money on it and this one is luxury apartment and its much beautiful but we should spend the income according to the need of life.

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