Have a growing family? Members of the family moving back into the house? Do you require more space for the new furniture that you just bought? You can’t just go and buy a new home for any of these reasons. Fortunately, small house owners in the Calgary area are in luck! Aspire Roofing and Renovations do an excellent job of creating a bigger space for family’s accommodation.

Did this perk your interest? Allow us to dazzle you with some of the most effective tactics to make a small space look more spacious:
1.    Remove The Walls:
Most old homes are just built wrong. There are so many rooms but with so little space in them. One way to make more space is to knock down a wall or two. For instance, if the living room is very small and the dining room next to it is unnecessarily large, double them up by removing wall separating them.

2.    Use The Yard:
The Inside of a house is not the only space that can be used for expansion. There are many houses in the Calgary area that come with with large yards. If a family is short on some lounging space, then a yard is just the thing you need. All it needs is some flooring and some recliners to create an excellent outdoor living room. Adding a door on the side can be used to connect both the spaces.

3.    Get Creative With Storage Spaces:
Storage spaces take half of the living spaces away from the home residents. If a house is small, then the better approach would be to build storage spaces instead of getting furniture. Wall shelves and cupboards under the stairs not only take less space but also give an aesthetic appeal to the house.

4.    Install Skylights:
Brighten up a cramped up room by installing skylights to make the room look more spacious and roomy. With Customized renovation services, it is easier to install skylights in any room of the house.

5.    Fix Mirrors On The Wall:
Pretty sure all of us know about this trick but have we ever tried it? A room with one wall covered in a mirror makes it look twice its size. So if your kids are complaining about getting a stuffy room, try this trick and see them fall in love with it.

6.    Large Windows:
Large windows that cover the entire wall can help you attain that feeling of openness. These glass covered walls not only make the rooms look bigger but also make it fell like you are living outdoors. All the light and open space can work wonders for the outlook of your house.

7.    Raised Hearth:
The embarrassment of finding a sitting place for guests can only be understood by small house owners. Even when all the guests manage to be seated, the room still seems overcrowded.  A raised hearth is the magic word to avoid situations like these. A raised hearth doesn’t take any extra space away and provides a good decorative option. Just add a few cushions on the hearth and you have a solution to your dilemma.

Remember that these installations and tweaking requires expertise. So, only contact professionals to do the job for you.



I read your whole post and it is really very interesting. I need someone to help with my assignment so was looking for it online but glad i came across here. Thanks

01/16/2018 9:56pm

I just appreciate your tips on how to make our place more spacious. For some reasons, I also used the idea of making the windows larger. This will help the proper ventilation in your house. Somehow, lights also help to make your place more visible and spacious. Another trick that I also usually use is to put mirrors on the wall or around the corners. The idea of reflection will make the place more spacious. Thank you for sharing this kind of blog post. I look forward to see other posts of yours.


Your business is very innovative. Our home is constricted, and we cannot accommodate enough guests. It is just fit for our family. I hope your tips for renovation helps us. However, I am afraid to tell to my parents the procedure. They might scold me, thinking that it requires to remove the walls, install materials, and etc. Also, how long would it take? Well, this is new to me. I will pursue this renovation for our greater good. Thank you!

11/10/2017 6:37pm

I love it!

11/10/2017 6:57pm

Since I was able to buy a lot already last month, I am already at the planning stage of my house. I am excited to what why engineer will have to show me. I also believe that the tips you had written above will be helpful in my case because it deals with maximizing a certain space. Limited space means choosing the best decorations by putting less so that it can look better. Just like the house that you posted above, it's not that big but I am loving the vibe I am getting from it!

02/02/2018 12:40am

Some of these tactics might work out indeed. I will try most of them. Thanks!


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