Building a secondary suite in your house is a smart idea for more than one reason. They add to the value of your home, help with your mortgage payment and bills or just allow you to have a bigger, better and  prettier house. They are also the perfect option when a family begins to outgrow their house and people are unwilling to leave their neighborhood in search of a bigger house. Privacy is another added factor behind these home additions.
1.    Basement suite:
The basement suite is one of the most common and in-demand suites to add to your house. A basement suite can also be completely separated from the main house with its own entryway or it can be integrated with the house. Most people make basement suites for their own family members or as a separate entertainment corner of their house, while others rent the suite to close friends and family. A basement suite is a complete dwelling option with its own kitchen, bath, living room and bed. It is important however to check the use land bylaws of your city before construction. 
2.    Carriage house:
In the old days, a carriage house was a house built above a horse stable. Even when the horses got replaced with cars and stables with garages, the concept and the name remained the same. Modern day carriage houses are the ones that are built above the garage. The space offers a large living area with a separate bath and bedroom. People use carriage houses as a guesthouse or to rent it to people who live alone. It also offers great parking options.
3.    Cottages:
Cottages are detached tiny houses built near the main house. If you have a large backyard that can accommodate a tiny house with its own bed, bath and kitchen facilities, then you can easily get one built. Residents of the Calgary area need a building permit before taking such action. Cottages are excellent for renting as they are very much in demand. Cottages are often associated with warm, cozy and luxurious dwellings and they offer a good rental income. Most families use their cottages as an extension of their own house or to accommodate their own married children.
4.    Duplex:
When two houses are merged into one, it makes a Duplex. Duplexes are large and allow many families to live in it; one or two at the very least. Most duplexes contain double decks and double garages to accommodate both families. A duplex increases the house’s value and serves as an excellent source of income with its detailed facilities and complete accommodations.

If you are living in the Calgary area, make sure that your suites comply with the current land rule bylaws and provincial building codes. Also, hire contractors who are proficient in their job and are well aware of the housing rules of Calgary.


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I don't have enough knowledge about houses. But since you've posted these four types of secondary suites, I need to make a choice. I would choose the basement suite since I can visualize that it's going to be space-efficient if I will be having it in my dream house. Though the idea of having a basement is being used in different horror movies these days, I think it's still cool!

12/21/2017 12:22am

These are great ideas when you want to rebuild your house. We are looking for ways to expand our house because my son recently got married and they want to move in with us. I think the duplex would be perfect for us because it would be large enough for both of us since he is also going to start a family of his own. Thank you for sharing your ideas with us because it helped us choose what suite to add.

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