What is it that makes one house stand out above all the others?  It’s not the size in case you are wondering! It's the little additions in the right spots that do the trick. Our house is our sanctuary and at the end of the day, we want to return to a place of comfort and relaxation. So if you want your house to have that X factor, consider installing skylights.

Whether it is an open space you are looking for, a nice view or just an exotic ambiance in your house; a home addition in the form of a skylight can do all of this. If you are having a hard time deciding where to install this on your roof, then let us help you out

1.    Skylights in the Bedroom:
If you are a resident of Calgary and have always wished to sleep under the stars, then  wish no more! Get a hold of some experienced contractors and get your bedroom fitted with a skylight. A bedroom with a skylight is even better on a rainy day when the pitter-patter of raindrops lull you to sleep. A room couldn’t get cozier and dreamier than this one!

2.    Skylights for Sunrooms:
A sunroom is usually built outside the house. A sunroom is a structure with a full view of the outside world. This look that is impossible to achieve without installing a skylight. If you want to have a cozy, dreamy and snug room right under the sun, then a sunroom is your thing. Whether your sun porch is a dining area or just a lounging space, it will look great with a skylight.

3.    Skylights for Small Bathrooms:
A teeny tiny bathroom can be made to look bigger by installing skylights. A small skylight would stream the sunlight directly in the small bathroom and make it look spacious. It will instantly give character to your bathroom.

4.    Skylights in the Hallway:
If you are thinking of remodeling your house with a wraparound porch, then get a little more creative by installing a skylight all along the porch. With an addition of Georgian stones and plants, your porch will look like the hallway of a king’s abode.

5.    Skylights for the Kitchen:
A kitchen with no windows and no source of natural light doesn’t mean it has to remain closed off. All hope is not lost because there is always an option of installing a skylight. A glass roof will instantly brighten up the kitchen and make it a fun place to prepare and share meals with the family.

6.    Skylights for an Indoor Pool:
It should be illegal to have an indoor pool without a skylight. A combination of the pool with lounge chairs, tiled floors and windows can turn the pool area into something picturesque.


These are really great ideas. I have scheduled a renovation of our vacation house and these tips will surely make the house feel more in touch with nature. I think the view of the sky even while inside the house can truly make you feel relaxed. It can also be a way to save on electricity during the day when the sunlight to light up the hallways and the bathrooms. Light bulbs will then be your backup in case of cloudy skies or during a rainy day.


Skylight in the bedroom is best spot! Whenever I can't sleep, I'll just gaze upon the twinkling stars and the moving clouds to remember how majestic it is. Then, my sleep would be perfect! However, it is bothering when the sun rises up and its light beams directly to your face. That's both irritating and hilarious. Guaranteed, you'll wake early.


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12/05/2017 11:22am

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12/26/2017 2:17pm

I love this kind of house where there are a lot of spots for skylight installation. These spots look really comfortable and relaxing. I also love seeing houses with this. I will surely design my own house and make a spot for skylight installation too. It was awesome, especially at night. The view of the stars and sky is one of the best views I have ever seen so that this skylight installation is the best. I think if I had this in our house we don't need a lot of bulbs anymore.


Your article is so awesome. You made me think to renovate my house soon. Me and my Husband want to see the skylight before we go to sleep . For us it is refreshing, it feels like we are close to the sky. He will be happy if I will follow your suggestion, I want a skylight view at our bed room soonest. our house will become a nature lover style, also our kids will grow with the view of nature. Thank you very much for the tips.


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